Here’s All You Need to Know About A Checking Account

Here’s All You Need to Know About A Checking Account

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A checking account is a bank account that permits easy access to the money in your bank account. Also called transactional accounts, it is useful for paying numerous bills, withdrawal of cash and other regular financial transactions. However, they do not yield much interest. It is the feasibility to access and use our money that makes checking accounts very prevalent.

A checking account allows easy withdrawals and deposits of your funds. While using the debit cards for purchases, the money transacted goes from the checking account. Contrary to saving accounts, a checking account is a place where the account holders keep the funds which they are fine with spending.


There are many benefits of having a checking account, specially, in terms of convenience and safety. The following are some of the advantages of having a checking account.

  • It helps to get access to online banking services such as moving funds and paying bills right from the comfort of your home.
  • It gives us the ease to access and use our money from our bank account. Hence there is no need to carry cash along decreasing the chances of losing it.
  • It enables the deposit of your salary money directly by your employer.
  • It enables withdrawl of cash from an ATM whenever needed.
  • It enables use of debit card for purchasing goods and services.

With the above-mentioned benefits, it could actually be a good idea to open a Personal Checking account to ease the day to day transactions.

If you are considering the same, you might want to bank on the ‘Del Norte Credit Union’ having service location throughout New Mexico.

‘Del Norte Credit Union’ offers different checking account options for different customer requirement. For example, an express checking account is best suited for someone who is looking for basic checking account maintenance without minimum required balance or monthly fees. You can check their website ‘’ for more information.


Some of the most common checking account fees charged are:

  • Fees for managing the account (checking account fees)
  • Paper statement fee
  • Return deposit fee for a bounced check
  • ATM fees
  • Minimum balance fees
  • Bank overdraft fees when negative balance is caused
  • Foreign transaction fee


There are many types of checking accounts. The following are a few that are widely used.

  • Express checking accounts
  • Online checking accounts
  • Joint checking accounts
  • Free checking accounts
  • Student checking accounts
  • Business checking accounts
  • Money market and high-yield checking accounts

In the present times where people are short of time, having a checking account goes a long way in making the day to day financial transactions easier and quicker. As to which type of checking account to go for, depends on one’s individual needs.

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