Compare Best Health Insurance Online

Compare Best Health Insurance Online

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Wouldn’t you need a relaxed life when you have worked for 20-30 years constantly worrying of taking care of others? However, this stage of retirement comes with a concern: the absence of fixed earnings.Also, any medical emergencies at this stage would wipe out your savings.Therefore, having a health insurance policy handy is crucial at this stage.Health insurance is not only essential at an old age but the earlier you start the better it is. But,with the online ball game, finding a Health insuranceisa wearisome job. Thus, comparing Health insurance online comes to rescue. It has given favourable results in zeroing on a health insurance plans. Read on to know more.

Benefits of Comparing Health Insurance plans

  • Will help you understand the health cover

There are health insurance plans which are only available to you and some for your whole family, these are individual and family floater plans respectively. On the other hand, some health insurance plans will cater to specific diseases like cancer and are known as critical illness plan. And there are some which are specially designed for younger generation only. In a broader sense, health insurance is a very vast sector and you simply cannot buy the first health plan for the sake of buying.Therefore, research and comparison will help you help you understand your need.

  • Will help you buy one as per your needs

In case you are in your mid-twenties with or without any disease, comparing alone can help you finalize a customized plan keeping all your needs in mind. Right from the policy sum insured to riders, all the laborious tasksare made easy with online health insurance comparison. This alone should quench your thirst for the best health insurance policy.

  • Will help you find the best health insurance premium

One cannot snub the cost factor when it comes to buying health insurance.Also,when you are keen on buying the largest possible health insurance umbrella, it is important for you to be feasible about the costs too. Different health insurance plans will have different rates and you must choose which suits you the best. In case you happen to choose a plan with expensive premium, it might become a burden to pay premiums on time. However, with online comparison you are bound to find a health insurance policy with affordable rates.

  • Will help you knowthe insurer’s background

Buying a health insurance plan with low cost is not the only clever and best thing to do. It is highly recommendedfor you to check the insurance provider’s credentials as well. It is vital to buy a health insurance plan from an insurer who has a high claim settlement ratio. Even if this costs you a slightly higher premium, it is highly advisable to grab on one, because later on you will reap higher benefits and avoid any issues related to claim rejection. Also, when you compare various health insurance plans online, the reputation, average customer ratings and claim settlement ratios of each insurer will also be flashed on the screen. This, in turn, will help you to decide on a plan before you make a final purchase.

Best Health Insurance in India

There are dozens of Health Insurance companies with ample of health insurance plans, but finalizing the best health insurance plan can be exacting. However, the below 3 plans are the top-rated plans for the year 2018.

  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance Optima Restore Family


  • The entry age for this plan is 5 years to 65 years.
  • You can choose from a sum assured of mere Rs.3 lakh to Rs. 50lacs.
  • This plan has lifelong Renewability option.
  • It also offers features like Domiciliary Hospitalization, Organ Donor and Restore Benefits.
  • HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Health Suraksha Plan

The plan’s highlights:

  • There is no minimum entry age, however themaximum age limit is up to 80 and above.
  • You can choose for a sum assured of Rs.3 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh.
  • This plans also offers lifelong renewal option
  • It offers newborn baby cover, maternity cover and critical illness cover.
  • Bharti AXA Health Insurance Smart Health Plan & Smart Super Health Plan

The plan’s highlights:

  • The minimum entry age for this plan is 18 years and for children, it is 91 days ( if both the parents are insured)
  • It offers a sum assured of 5 lacs in smart health plan. Extended to 2 cr. in a smart super health plan.
  • Provides lifetime
  • To top it, features like Restoration & maternity benefits in a super health plan, double the sum insured for critical illnesses and 20 critical illnesses are covered.

Top and the Best Health Insurance Companies

Below are some of the top and best health insurance companies operating in India.

  • HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
  • Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company
  • Religare Health Insurance Company
  • Oriental Insurance Company Limited

Thus, online comparison of Health Insurance will lend you a helping hand to get the best health insurance policy.

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