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Confidential Ltd Company


UK Ltd formation

A director - Nomimee

A shareholder - Nominee

Power of Attorney

Company documents - Apostille

Power of Attorney - Apostile

DHL delivery


Only £ 760









Payment Options





UK Company formation
Prestige Registered Address
Accounting Service 1 month
Pay Less Tax Advice within 12 months

£100 all inclusive

Normal Price is £ 140-160


For over 8 years we have provided financial statement submission and tax payment services for companies registered in the UK and operating worldwide.We are one of only a few accounting firms (and maybe even the only one) that has a special department for clients who physically reside or conduct business outside of the UK.†We are one of the first to introduce an online method of working with clients. Our clients donít need to spend their business time and have additional expenses travelling to an accountant. The Tax Office and Companies House have switched to an electronic form of receiving company accounts.With high respect to our clients, we never use outsourcing to manage our clients accounts, and this means that we provide a high level of service and confidentiality.


The prices for our services are 20-25% lower than the average market cost thanks to a high number of clients and reduction of overhead expenses. The time it takes to make a report does not exceed 3-5 days. But we donít simply make tax reports, we help our clients legally reduce the the amount of their tax payments. All of our tax accountants are certified and are members of various British accounting associations. Unlike many other companies that provide a similar service, we are physically located in England, rather than virtually. This gives us an advantage to always be up to date of whatís new in the system of tax assessment by visiting seminars conducted by the tax authorities.


In our company there is always an accountant on duty 24/7 because our clients are located in all time zones. This accountant can give tax advice or answer your questions free of charge.We operate as an Ltd as well as an LLP. Our basic services include Fianal Account, Abbreviated Account, Annual Rerturn, Corporation TAX, Vat registration, VAT return, Investment advice and much more.We have our own investment department, which will help you make the right choice for investing your capital if you need to. 

In order to facilitate customer service we have implemented fixed payment which does not depend on financial turnover.We provide all of our clients a free registration address for their company if they wish.Equal respect for clients regardless of their companyís turnover and total confidentiality are priorites of our company.†We want to warn you that if you come across very cheap offers for accounting services, you can be sure that your accountant lives in the Philippines.


Always sign an agent form from the tax office where the accounting company must put its agent number assigned by the tax service.†If you currently do not have an accountant, your accountant is too expensive, or you wait more than 6 hours for your questions to be answered write us and we will gladly take your company on free of charge.† 

Special offer for a Limited company formation


Start Up Business in the UK

Service Time Services Time
Company registration   TAX registration  
Registered Office   Accounting service 1 months
Certificate of Incorporation   Mail forwarding 1 months
Memorandum   High Street†Bank (UK) introduction  
Combined Register Members      
First Minutes Resolutions   Free TAX and business advice 12 months
Articles of Association      
Shares Certificate      

Only £100

Time incorporating†3 hours

Special offer for a Limied Liability Partnership (LLP)

Start Up Business in the UK

Service Time Services Time
Company registration   VAT registration  
Registered Office   Free TAX and business advice 12 months
Certificate of Incorporation      
Partnership agreement      
TAX registration      
Accounting service 1 month    
Mail forwarding 1 month    
High Street†Bank (UK) introduction 1 month    

Only £200

Time incorporating 4-5 workng days
















Special offer

Final account for TAX office
Corporation TAX for TAX office
Short account for the Companies House
Annual return for the Companies House
Government fee for the Companies House

Only £750 for active company
£195 for Dormant company

(£1024 and £345 normal prices)

Free Advice

Company accounts
TAX return
General TAX advice
TAX preparation
UK company
Corporation TAX
Business TAX
Self Assessment


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